SRT Group International


Leader in the integration of solutions to equip and train the public force and private security.

The solutions integrated by the Srt Group International converge in experience, knowledge, technology and quality in its products developed by the best partners in the security area.

In order to achieve a solution in the field of public or private security, it is essential to know the client’s environment, the vulnerabilities, the most advanced technology and the suitable equipment, the to integrate in a systemic way in which everything is more than all parts.

At the services of our clients we have the division of products where clothing, equipment and vehicles are offered for safety operations. a division of technology to support operations with the new tools. a training division where we offer alliances with the best training centers and teams and finally a consulting team that will study its environment and specific needs.

Division of products and police equipment

Division of technology

Consulting division

Training division

Police intelligence

Forensic division

Cyber Division

Border Protection Division